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chariot élévateur
chariot telescopique
pallet truck
pont roulantknuckle boom truck training
plate-forme et nacelle
protection contre les chutes
rescue at heights
confined spaces

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pont roulant formation

The flexibility of our services stands out ...

All our trainings are given

  • on the work location or at our training center
  • considering the company's specific handling materials tasks
  • to a group of two employees and more
  • on short notice
  • according to Quebec Regulation respecting occupational health and safety and the CSA standards
  • in some other canadian provinces, according to the local regulation
  • in french or in english
  • in respect with our professional agreements
  • by qualified trainers


Proper facilities (details)

centre de formation santé sécurité au travail







  • Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (agreement # 0053333)

  • Teaching Certificate from Quebec Ministry of Education

  • Training services provider for CSST



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GRAVI-T ZERO offre diverses formations notamment en conduite de chariot élévateur, sur un pont roulant, en protection contre les chutes,
opérateur de nacelle et de plate-forme élévatrice, en gréage industriel.